Parks and Recreation

Camp Grounds

The City of Merrill has two camping areas. One area is located next to a shelter house while the other area is located within a short walking distance down the hill. All 24 camping sites have water, sewer, and electric.

Campground Rates: $20.00 per day or $120.00 per week. Registration and payment are done at the designated black security boxes located next to the white campground rules sign.


Near the campsites at our campground, there’s a shelter house and a park that can be rented for $35 a day. Please call City Hall (712-938-2514) ifyou want to reserve it.

Delutri Park is a small park located at 2 nd . Street and Calhoun Street. The park provides a shaded bench area with a flowered Pergola.


A ballfield is available for individual and little league use. The ballfield is located at 608 Main street, City Hall Kissinger Building—lower level. Contact City Hall ( 712-938-2514 ) for availability.

Shooting Range

A new shooting range has been developed. Membership is required. Contact City Hall ( 712-936-2514) for more information.
Click here for shooting range membership application form
Click here for more shooting range forms and information


A kid’s playground is available for small and pre-teen children. The playground is located at 608 Main Street, City Hall Kissinger Building—lower level.

A swing set and a Lions Club play area is located at 5th and Main Street next to the Veterans Memorial.

Horse Arena

A Horse Arena is located west of the city campgrounds. The arena is maintained and managed by the Merrill Saddle Club.

Contact the city with any questions!
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